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So you’ve browsed around the site at leisure and made a note of the products you like – then you measured up and wrote down the width and height of all the relevant apertures …
Now you’re just a few clicks away from an easy, no-hassle quote request. Our quotes module works just like an on-line shopping cart – but there’s nothing to pay at the end.
Start on the left hand side and click on either Windows or Doors in the ‘Categories’ section. Then follow the product menus to find the items you want.
Select an item to see the details – that’s where you enter the width/height and any other customisation information e.g. type of obscure glass – or door fittings such as a letterbox or knocker. Then you can ‘Add to Cart’.
You can still browse the main site without losing items you already added to the cart – but if you want to take a real break and continue at a later time you should log-on and create an account – that way the cart contents will be saved for you.
To finish you select ‘Checkout’ then create an account if you didn’t do that already and confirm your request. We’ll have your great new quotation back to you in no time at all!